Recruitment Solutions

There is recruitment and there is recruitment.  Depending on your experience, budget and level of urgency a different solution may be right for you.  Here we offer a summary of the most common recruitment packages and their pros and cons.


This is the most widely used recruitment solution package.   You get in touch with a recruitment agency, specify what skillset you are looking and within what salary range, the agency sends you CVs (usually 3-5) for review, you pick the candidates to interview.  


If you offer a job to one of the candidates that was introduced by the agency, you will pay a fee to the agency.  If you do not hire a candidate, then absolutely no fee is payable. 



Used for senior, strategic or confidential searches.  If your main objective is to exhaustively map the market, speak to every qualified individual and make sure you get the best candidate - then this is the right approach.  


With retainer approach, the agency charges an upfront fee for their commitment, but with that fee you purchase yourself a premium service and a peace of mind that the agency leaves no stone unturned when looking for candidatesd.

Targetted Headhunting

Maybe you know your market very well and already have some specific candidates that you have in mind for the vacancy but, you are not in the position to approach them directly.  Or maybe you don't know the actual individuals, but would generally like to headhunt from a particular company.


In either case using a recruitment agency will help you approach these targetted candidates in an professional and confidential way whilst keeping strong control on how the informaiton gets out into the market. 


CV Screening and Technical Testing

You may wish to manage your own recruitment process inhouse​ - perhaps you already have a dedicated inhouse recruiter.  However, your own inhouse recruiIters may lask the technical know-how to differentiate a good IT CV from a bad one, or to test a candidate's technical skills.  


This is where a specialist IT recruitment agency comes in.  Keep your recruitment inhouse, but outsource to us just the CV screening and technical testing.  You save a great part of the recruitment fee, while still outsourcing the hardest part of the IT recruitment process. 


​Through secondment or contracting you are able to procure the right candidate without officially hiring them for your company - they will be employed by a third party agency but will be onsite at your office each working day, working for you as a temporary contractor.  


There is a permium fee for this kind of arrangement (the shorter the contract, the higher the premium) but nevertheless many companies opt for this approach in situatons where they have a need for an additional skillset but for accounting or risk managhement reasons are not willing to commit to a permanent hire decision.



Large Volume RPO


When growing aggressively and recruiting an entire team (for example building a new R&D centre in China), outsource your entire recruitment function to one expert agency.


This allows you to treat the whole recruitment drive as a wholistic project with deliverables, timelines, a dedicated project manager and a single point of contact and accountability.  And since this is a large volume piece of work and a rather tailored business solution, the fee and the engagement methods are negotiable.