Candidate Resources

How to write  an effective CV

September 2013


Your CV is often what makes a difference between whether you get an interview or not.  You may have all the wonderfull skills and experience and references in the world, but if your CV doesn't convey the message in the first several seconds, you risk not getting an interview and therefore not getting the job.  Yes, this wasn't a typo...  We really meant "several seconds"!  Alas, many managers are so busy and flooded with applicants' CVs that they only have time to casually glance at the CVs before deciding to put in the "reject" or "to review in more detail" pile.  


How do we make sure that our CV ends up in the second pile? And even after that, when the reviewing manager takes a more detailed look, how do we ensure that the skills and experience we have are properly and effectively brough to attention of the decision maker?

How to engage with recruiters

​September 2013

As the recruitment industry in the Asia Pacific grows more and more mature, we are finding that more and more hires happen through the help of recruitment agencies.  Cold calls, linked in pings, internet adverts - agencies are everywhere.  While a recruitment agency is here to help you get the job, they are essentially an extension of the hiring company and they are conducting teh search and the first round of screenings on behalf of the hiring company.


Here is how the recruitment agencies work, what to do and not do when working with recruitment agencies.



Interview tips
May 2012

OK, so you have created a great CV, you have applied for a few jobs, have spoken on the phone and met with a recruitment agent and now you have a job interview lined up.  What now?  


You may be a recent graduate and this could be yoru first interview. Or you could be someone who spent the last 10 years enjoying a career with the same company and are now new on the market.  Or you could be a seasoned job changer with a lot of job interviews behind you.  Whatever the case, you have to prepare for the interview - do your homework, follow the protocol, stay focused.  


Read these interview tips even if you think you have seen it all and even if you disagree with some of these.  Better to spend a few more minutes preparing, then to fail an interview for a job that is perfect for you, simply becuase you haven't done basic homework and made a rookie mistake.